Our history

1982 - Krister Carlssons Åkeri was started and then lay on Backaplan at that point he drove himself

1983 - We moved to Ringön where we are today

In 1985 we invested in a second trucks and drove a lot of containers and reinforcing iron with our own chassis.

1987 we became KC Åkeri Aktiebolag

In 1989 we drove Roxette's and Ratata's stage material around Sweden

In 1992, the transport started off well when we started driving for what was then Cargo Care, which today is called Ewals Cargo Care. We became aslo a trailerworkshop for Ewals. the company expanded greatly and we had around 20 trucks on the road in the 90s until 2010.

In 1994 we drove tour material again and then for Ulf Lundell, Björn Afzelius and Pernilla Wahlgren

In 2000 have dedicated ourselves to going to trailer hauling and trailer service, here we are today and hope to be able to continue with this for many years to come.